Hello Friends. Welcome to the ever changing-ever growing site for youth happenings at Newberg Friends! If you are interested in getting involved, whether you are a student, a parent, or an adult that would like to express your gifts and passions through youth ministry, you can email or call me anytime.

There are a variety of ways for you to become a part of our growing community. If youíre just interested in having fun with us, there are monthly events for the simple and unashamed purpose of getting us together and having a good time. If youíre interested in serving the poor, we regularly volunteer with Bridgetown Ministries in Portland, under the Burnside Bridge. We also volunteer locally with Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers and Love Inc. If youíre interested in growing deeper in your relationship with God, we can hook you up with a small group of others that want the same thing, or we can connect you with a loving, good-listening adult who is happy to take you out for coffee and listen to your story. What is it that you want out of a youth group? What is the unique thing about you that you would bring to our group?

Iím excited to see us become a loving, Christ-centered, radically-obedient Community!


We are proud to salute the high school seniors in our youth group. Here is the Senior Slide Show for 2007.

Josh Reid
Pastor, Youth Ministries
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Youth Safety
At Newberg Friends Church, we take the safety of our youth very seriously.
Please read the Child Protection and Abuse Prevention Policy .

For your childís protection, we require a medical release form to be on file for each youth wishing to participate in activities that leave the NFC campus. These forms are updated annually. If you have not filled one out in 2007, please print this form and turn it in to the NFC office. Thank you.
Download medical release form

If you would like to work with the Newberg Friends youth,
please fill out the Youth Ministry Application .

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